Fox Retro

Music and sound design made for this promo “Fox Retro” directed by the visionary Gabriel H Fermanelli together with the amazing Argentinian production company Punga for Fox Channels Italy. Art Direction: Juan Pablo Kessler Concept Art: Santiago Wardak Creative Direction: Luca Rochira Script/storyboards: Adriano Filippucci /Emanuele Marani PUNGA: Director: Gabriel H Fermanelli Executive producer: Patricio Verdi Brusati Line producer: Maud Beckers Art Direction: Franco Vecchi, Santiago Zoraidez, Juan Casal Backgrounds: Franco Vecchi Character Design: Gabriel H Fermanelli Character animation: Leo Campasso Animation: Juan Casal, Cesar Pelizer Setup/ render 3D: Agostina Carrera, Juan Casal Modeling 3D: Agostina Carrera, Guido Lambertini, Franco Vecchi, Juan Casal Compositor: Juan Casal