Brothers, a Tale of Two Sons Remake

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons,” a 2013 masterpiece by Josef Fares and Starbreeze Studio, published by 505 Games.

Daniele Carmosino revamped the game’s music for the February 2024 reboot by Avantgarden, enhancing the visual experience. The task involved preserving original themes with tasteful updates, employing an orchestra and full choir. Collaborating with Christofer Unterberger, Carmosino amplified the soundtrack to match the dynamic gameplay.

Pre-production saw experimentation with various ethnic instruments, welcoming Xavi Lozano‘s inventive flutes. The soundtrack’s evolution included creating electronic samples, crafting sonic themes, and tailoring distinct musical palettes for each game level, syncing with the evolving plot.

Connecting the past with the present, singer Emma B Sunbring was enlisted for her distinct vocal approach. Her rendition of traditional Scandinavian herding calls (kulning) infused a specific atmosphere into the initial game and seamlessly transitions into the refreshed songs and arrangements.

Fun facts about the soundtrack:

  • 92 cues
  • 2 hours of music composed, arranged, and produced
  • 2 full days of orchestral recordings
  • 2 years from start to finish

Full music credits:

  • Composers: Daniele Carmosino, Christof Unterberger, Gustaf Grefberg (Original’s Brother’s Themes)
  • Solo singers: Emma B Sunbring, Güldeniz, Atul Giri
  • Flutes, horns: Xavi Lozano
  • Percussions: Antonio Sánchez Barranco
  • Cellos: Christof Unterberger, Martín Meléndez
  • Score and Music Preparation: Christof Unterberger, Bernhard Eder
  • Music Production: Danca
  • Bratislava Symphony Orchestra:
  • Conductor: David Hernando Rico
  • Recorded in Studio 2 of Slovak Radio, Bratislava
  • Recording engineer: Martin Roller
  • BSO production: Ana Carolina Diz
  • Mixing/Mastering: Daniele Carmosino/Marc Blanes

Below the official Trailer of the game: