The Artisan’s Audio Agency

On many projects, where time is spent crafting the visuals and story, audio is often left as an afterthought. That is, except at Danca. We’re the musical equivalent of an artisan bakery, or a boutique pottery shop, sculpting and craft every sound with more attention to detail than a sourdough starter or a hand-spun clay bowl.


It sounds a little like the German word for thank you, but the similarities end there really. Danca is a music agency and record label, started by Daniele Carmosino, made up of an award-winning team of artists, sound designers and music supervisors. We make music for the love of it, which makes us pretty lucky, because we now also do it for films, commercials, TV and live shows.

The love of this craft is what wakes us up in the morning. Well, that and our morning alarms. But it’s definitely the craft that gets us out of bed. 

Our mums say we’re pretty avant-garde, which is a surprising thing for a mum to say, but our mums never lie. 

While there’s nothing wrong with making music inside a laptop, we’re not afraid to take our fingers off the keyboard either. In fact, we often record live instruments, and live sounds. 

We’ve been known to smash fruit to find the perfect splat, and cast cats to find the perfect meow. If that software synthesiser isn’t quite right, we’ll time travel back to the 80s and get the real one. (Yes, time travel is included in our fee). 

Put it this way: if the sound of a horse trotting isn’t exactly right, we’ll get out the coconuts and knock them together until it is. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll rent the horse.


In the last decade, we weren’t exactly twiddling our thumbs (except for that track we made with the thumb piano). We’ve curated and created music for everything from films and TV, to commercials and fashion shows. We’ve never written a Christmas #1, but we’re definitely working on it.

  • Music Composition + editing
  • Songwriting
  • Re-records
  • Audio branding / Music strategy
  • Music Supervision
  • Music rights negotiation + licensing
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing + Mastering
  • Spatial Audio for 360° video

Aside from all of the above, we also make a mean sangria. That’s probably not what you’re after, but just thought it was worth mentioning.