Fabrizio Campanelli

Fabrizio is a classically trained composer, but despite his traditional beginnings, the scope of his portfolio has been anything but traditional.

His work spans across films, documentaries, advertising and television, with an eclectic variety of timbres, ranging from symphony orchestras, to electronic music.

His signature tunes for Sky TV channel ‘CLASSIC’ would become an instant classic, receiving unanimous praise from critics and the public alike. While his score for the docu-fiction “Fukushima – A Nuclear Story” (narrated by Willem Dafoe) was so radioactive it almost deserved a documentary itself.

He has also composed music for brands such as Mulino Bianco (Barilla), Calzedonia, FIAT, Ferrero, Manetti & Roberts.

And as if the list of accomplishments was not long enough, there’s also his score on the feature film “Just a Father”, which was nominated for numerous awards, including Best Original Music at the Golden Graal at the Italian Cinema Awards, and Best Original Song at David di Donatello and Nastro d’Argento Awards.

Although there’s very little that Fabrizio hasn’t worked on, he still has dreams. One day he’d like to score a Walt Disney movie. Oops, he already did it: How to Grow Up Despite Your Parents (2016).