Daniele Carmosino

DanCa founder, music producer, composer, and sound designer who lives and works between London and Barcelona.

If Daniele’s background experience was a song, it’d be Lynyrd Skynrd’s Free Bird, because it’d take a good ten minutes to go through it.

His musical training started in London where he received a host of bachelors, masters, and scholarships from the University of Arts, University of Westminster, and the music department of Fabrica respectively.

He then went on to become the in-house musician, sound designer, and music consultant for Ferdinando Arnò’s music production facility, Quiet, Please! (According to Daniele, “quiet” it wasn’t.)

In 2015 he started DanCa, partly to reduce mispronunciations of his name, but mainly because he saw a better way to produce music for clients.

He quite recently won Best Original Composition at the Music & Sound Awards for a short film we made for Bose. If you have a pair of their headphones lying around, you can listen to that track here.