First single “Find My Way” coming out on the 25th of May 2021!

“…The duo’s first single “Find my Way” opens with fresh afro-inspired percussion that leads into airy and playful vocals. Once the vintage bass groove kicks in, it becomes extremely clear why this duo have called themselves Wild Bounce…”


All it took was a single beat to drop to form the synthesis of what would become Wild Bounce.

It was a sunny Sunday in Barcelona, where Daniele Carmosino (Freedust, Skyways) first met Mabreezee (Karmasound, EmJayEm) who was performing at a showcase.

The electronic duo have been collaborating and creating music ever since, with the intention of meshing the vibrant sounds of reggae, soul and hip top with tropical electronic vibes.

Collaborations always begin with experimentation and craft and they both share a love for samples, crackles, analogue synths, live instruments and drum machines. Wild Bounce is danceable, fresh and unique.

Daniele Carmosino (Italy, UK) is an Italian composer, producer and sound designer. Carmosino is the founder of esteemed music production studio and record label Danca where he creates music and sound design for film, television, and commercial brands across the globe.

MaBreeZee (Angola, Portugal) is an Afro-Portugese beatmaker, singer, producer, rapper, and globetrotter who delivers passionate vocals and heartfelt lyrics. His trips around the world play an important role in his music as these new environments inspire and activate his creative skills. MaBreeZee first collaborated with Carmosino on the Freedust track “I Got Your Back.